The Top 12 Dog Breeds for Families with Children

dog breeds for families with children

Families who are considering getting a dog often have questions about the different types of canines. They often ponder what type of dog to get – especially for those who have small children. Parents want a pooch that will be kind, tender, and patient towards their little offspring. With so many types of breeds available, it’s important to choose on that best suits the home and life style structure of the family unit.

Families with children want to be especially careful to make sure that the dog they choose likes to be around their little ones. Some canines interact better with children than others. For those families considering a new pet, here is a list of the 12 best child friendly breeds.

1. Labrador

Without question, this is one of the best and most popular dogs for families with children. They are sturdy, affectionate, playful, and patient canines. Highly intelligent and kind hearted, this breed is great with young children.

2. Golden Retriever

Second only to the Labrador, Golden Retrievers are very patient, loveable animals that are always eager to please. Highly intelligent, this sturdy, larger sized pooch is very gentle with people, especially children.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This beautiful pet is very social, but also very gentle. The kind-hearted pooch is highly intelligent and great with people – especially youngsters. Spaniel’s love to play and require daily exercise to help burn off their energy.

4. Beagle­­­­

Beagles are very smart, gentle, and social pups. As one of the oldest types of doggies, they were once used as hunting dogs. Today, these active, friendly pooches enjoy playing with people and other pets.

5. Irish Setter

This beautiful, poised, pup has a very playful, energetic side. Irish Setter’s enjoy the lively energy of children and eagerly participate in their games and activities. They are loyal, loving dogs that suit active families perfectly.

6. Newfoundland

Big in size, Newfoundland’s are super sweet and mild mannered family members. They are very patient and loving furry friends. These oversized mutts are the gentle giants of the canine world.

7. Pug

Aside from their adorable face and stature, families enjoy the Pug’s friendly, playful personalities. They are sturdy little dogs that enjoy running around with their two for four-legged companions.

8. Bull dog

Bull dogs are sturdy, sweet, animals with a relatively low energy level. They prefer the indoors and are more playful inside a building than outside. They are kind and patient with kids.

9. Collie

Collies are very affectionate and patient with children. These mild mannered, elegant doggies are very gentle and laid back. They enjoy daily walks and playing with their kin.

10. Standard Poodle

Standard Poodles are intelligent, energetic tail-waggers who enjoy playing with the younger family members. They are great for people with allergies because they do not have a long, shedding coat. Because of their high intelligence, they are quick learners.

11. Dachsund

Dachsunds might be small, but they are fearless animals who enjoy running and playing with their human playmates. This beautiful breed is very friendly and affectionate.

12. Boxer

Boxer’s are very social dogs who thrive on affection by their human companions. They are very patient yet protective with children. This breed has a high-energy level and requires daily physical exercise like walks and play.

Dogs bring great joy to families of all sizes. They are a wonderful addition to any home. However, some four-legged friends interact better with children than others. Because children are very energetic, and sometimes a little rough with pets, it’s important to find a Fido who is patient and tolerant towards their younger mates.

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