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9 Tips For Picking a New Pooch for the Home

beagle puppy

Families considering a new addition in the form of four legs will have options soon as litters of adorable puppies will soon be born. With their adorable furry faces and wagging tails, it can be difficult to choose that one pooch to add to the family. But picking the right pup involves a lot more […]

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

dog breeds

It’s never a good idea to adopt a dog on a whim. Proper planning is key to successful future relationship with your new family member. Are you looking for a dog to guard your property? A friend for yourself to keep you company if you live alone? A playmate for the kids? Whatever the reasons […]

Top 6 Tips for Successfully Adopting a Dog From the Pound

dog adoption

Now that spring is around the corner, many people are starting to think about adding to their family by adopting a dog from their local pound. Dogs are wonderful additions to families. However, the wrong dog can create a very stressful and unpleasant situation that does not benefit you or the dog. As beautiful as canines are, not […]