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6 Important Ways Pets Help Improve Mental Health


Mental health is in the spotlight as professionals and individuals talk about the need to care for human’s emotional and mental wellbeing as much as they care for their physical wellbeing. Poor mental health can have serious and even life threatening effects on social, professional and physical part of a person’s life. There are many […]

The 4 Best Dog Toy Types For Your Precious Pooch


Toys are just as important for dogs as they are for children. Doggie toys are vital for the canine’s mental and physical health. Not only do the amusements provide physical exercise, but they also stimulate the poochies intellect. Play toys are a great way to spend quality time bonding with your pet. Mutt’s are very […]

4 Very Distinct and Essential Differences Between Human and Dog Influenza Viruses

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News of the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza, or H3N8 virus, in certain regions has many dog owners worried about their beloved pet’s health. With the human flu outbreak being one of the worst seasons on record, it is natural to feel the same concern for the precious four-legged buddies. It’s even more concerning when […]

Honor the Precious Pooches Legacy with a Touching Keepsake


Saying goodbye to the family pooch is never easy. While owners know that their canine will eventually pass before they do, when the time finally comes, it is very difficult to accept. Losing the furry family member is a very emotional experience. Dogs are, for most pet owners, an extended member of their clan, so […]

The 6 Biggest Dog Care Trends of 2018

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As a society, we have been moving more towards an alternative, healthier life style for the last few years. Emotional, mental, and physical self care are continuing to be an essential part of daily lifestyle habits.  Those same health and wellness needs that are essential for optimal health are also being transferred onto the precious […]

6 Fabulous Ways to Entertain the Family Pet During the Coldest Winter Days

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When winter hits, the frigid temperatures and cold icy surfaces can quickly become unbearable, even for the family Fido. When it gets really cold, it is hard to spend more than a few minutes outside without risking frostbite and other cold related injuries. Poochies have an especially difficult time because they still want to go […]

5 Tasty Dog Biscuit Recipes Made with Holiday Leftovers

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As the holidays are quickly approaching, people are busy getting everything ready for the upcoming family dinner. As everyone gathers to enjoy the great meal, one thing that commonly happens after every feast is that there are plenty of leftovers. While many humans enjoy eating the remnants of their meal during the days following Thanksgiving, […]

What are you Feeding your Dog? Debunking Dog Food Myths

What are you Feeding your Dog? Debunking Dog Food Myths

A huge number of pet parents can be categorized as overprotective. Such pet parents would have their pet doctor on speed dial, know about various allergies that their dog has, spend a lot on grooming them, and the list goes on. They also check each ingredient of the dog food they buy! We must applaud […]

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

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It’s never a good idea to adopt a dog on a whim. Proper planning is key to successful future relationship with your new family member. Are you looking for a dog to guard your property? A friend for yourself to keep you company if you live alone? A playmate for the kids? Whatever the reasons […]

6 Highly Effective Tips to Help Relieve Canine Allergy Symptoms

6 Highly Effective Tips to Help Relieve Canine Allergy Symptoms

Like humans, animals can develop allergies too. Seasonal allergic reactions can have a serious impact on a pet’s health. Fall is a common time of year when people and pets suffer from the season’s changes.   Typical autumn allergens include grass, leaves, dust, pollen, and other air borne or chemical substances common at this time of year. The adversities can be inhaled or come into […]