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4 Very Distinct and Essential Differences Between Human and Dog Influenza Viruses

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News of the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza, or H3N8 virus, in certain regions has many dog owners worried about their beloved pet’s health. With the human flu outbreak being one of the worst seasons on record, it is natural to feel the same concern for the precious four-legged buddies. It’s even more concerning when […]

4 Great Affordable, Healthy Cat Treats to Make at Home

cat treats

Cats are special pets that bring love and joy to the human owners. Pet parents do everything they can to give their felines the best care, including feeding them the top-quality foods on the market. But store-bought meals are often loaded with fillers, grains, cereal-based products, chemicals, and artificial flavoring that are harmful to the […]

5 Clear Ways Cats Use Meowing Sounds to Communicate Their Needs


Cats are beautiful, mysterious, and independent animals that often have their owners continually guessing what they are trying to say. Communication with a feline is not always clearly obvious or straight forward as it is with other domestic pets. Kitties use a variety of different sounds and movements to express their wants or needs. Tabbies […]