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Does Having Pets Help in a Household with Kids?

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Children by nature are curious. Although they do not say much, they observe and learn a lot of things. Sometimes they may not have enough vocabulary like us adults to express their feelings and emotions, so they either cry, laugh or sulk to show it, which adults can often misinterpret, but the one person who […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Precious Pussy Cat Safe This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving might be a wonderful holiday for humans, but the family pussy cat does not always feel the same way. There are many hidden dangers that can hurt the furry friend during Thanksgiving celebrations. But proper planning will help keep the tabby safe and healthy during the festivities. Here are some dangers to look out […]

5 Clear Ways Cats Use Meowing Sounds to Communicate Their Needs


Cats are beautiful, mysterious, and independent animals that often have their owners continually guessing what they are trying to say. Communication with a feline is not always clearly obvious or straight forward as it is with other domestic pets. Kitties use a variety of different sounds and movements to express their wants or needs. Tabbies […]

4 Useful Tips to Help Cats Overcome their Fear of Loud Noises


Summer is here, which means cutting grass, fireworks, thunderstorms, and countless loud and strange noises are filling the air in and out of the house. Cats are naturally skittish and fearful around certain sounds, but for some cats, the tones can be very scary. There are different reasons why some kitties are overly afraid of […]

5 Fascinating Reasons Why Cats Purr


Purring is a magical, soothing, and common cat sound that, for years, has bewildered scientists, pet owners and feline advocates alike. How and why cats purr has been the subject of research, conversations, and studies. Many owners believe their beloved furry family members are expressing love and contentment whenever they make these soft vocalizations while the more studious groups have believed there […]