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Treat That Special Someone to a Great Pet Gift This Valentine’s Day

valentines day

Now that February is here, it is time to think about what to get that special person for Valentine’s Day. At Top Pet Gifts, we have the perfect gift for that close pet lover. When planning those love day activities, why not incorporate the special closeness between pet and owner by honoring their unique bond. […]

Buying the Perfect Gift for That Hard-to-Buy-For Loved One

Personalized Heart And Paws Christmas Ornament

This is a busy time as many people hustle and bustle from store to store trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. But, no matter how hard shoppers work at finding that memorable present, there is bound to be at least one name on gift giving list of a hard-to-buy person. Everyone […]

8 Special and Natural Ways to Pamper Your Cat


Cats love to be pampered just as much as their owners. But what most people feel is a great way to show their kitty some love is not always received with the same enthusiasm by their precious pet.  Rather than treat the furry family member to human treats, show them more feline focused pampering instead. […]

5 Fascinating Reasons Why Cats Purr


Purring is a magical, soothing, and common cat sound that, for years, has bewildered scientists, pet owners and feline advocates alike. How and why cats purr has been the subject of research, conversations, and studies. Many owners believe their beloved furry family members are expressing love and contentment whenever they make these soft vocalizations while the more studious groups have believed there […]

Best Valentine Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifts for cat lovers

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to think about gift ideas for your loved one. If you or your other half are cat lovers, then we have the perfect present options for you. At Top Pet Gifts, we have a variety of stylish and fun items to give your true […]