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6 Fabulous Ways to Entertain the Family Pet During the Coldest Winter Days

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When winter hits, the frigid temperatures and cold icy surfaces can quickly become unbearable, even for the family Fido. When it gets really cold, it is hard to spend more than a few minutes outside without risking frostbite and other cold related injuries. Poochies have an especially difficult time because they still want to go […]

Keep Doggie Warm With These 4 DIY Wrap Ideas

Keep Doggie Warm With These 4 DIY Wrap Ideas

It’s that time of year again where the weather is starting to get colder. Early morning, evening, and night are the worst times of the day to feel the chill in the fall air. For those with pets, this time of year can be challenging for the furry friend. Although they have a natural coat, […]