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4 Useful Tips to Help Cats Overcome their Fear of Loud Noises


Summer is here, which means cutting grass, fireworks, thunderstorms, and countless loud and strange noises are filling the air in and out of the house. Cats are naturally skittish and fearful around certain sounds, but for some cats, the tones can be very scary. There are different reasons why some kitties are overly afraid of […]

5 Effective Tips to Teach Your Cat to Walk with a Leash

cat on leash

Cats are curious animals who, by nature, enjoy exploring the outdoors. For many pet owners, it can be challenging to find a balance between allowing their feline to enjoy their freedom outside the home and keeping their beloved four-legged friend safe. There is no doubt that outdoor cats are at a much greater risk of […]

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe

cute kitty

Millions of homeowners raise their precious kitty’s to be indoor pets. However, there are also millions who allow their cats to go outside. With the warm weather, outdoor loving felines are even more eager to spend their time out of the house where they can explore their neighborhood. But spending time away from the safety […]