Corgi Personalized Word Cloud Mug


This unique coffee mug showcases a breed of the dog made up of a customized word cloud.  The highlight of the silhouette is the name of the beloved pet.  The rest of the silhouette is comprised of heartwarming descriptions of our bond with our dogs such as “Love, Loyal, Friend, Smart, Companion” and many others.

This is a wonderful personalized gift for any dog lover!

Exclusive design by © Top Pet Gifts.  Not sold in stores.

Crafted in the USA from high quality ceramic material with professional dye sublimation print resulting in a vibrant permanent design that will not wear out.

To order, choose the color for the mug’s interior and handle and then add the dog’s name below.

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    This mug can be personalized with the dog's name:

    • Due to size constraints on the mug, please add only one name per mug to ensure proper fit.
    • For personalized mugs for different pets, please add them to cart one at a time and indicate the desired pet’s name on each mug.  If you add more than one at a time, you will be getting that number of mugs with that one pet’s name.