Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

dog breeds

It’s never a good idea to adopt a dog on a whim. Proper planning is key to successful future relationship with your new family member. Are you looking for a dog to guard your property? A friend for yourself to keep you company if you live alone? A playmate for the kids? Whatever the reasons may be, consider all the characteristics of a specific breed and which will fit your lifestyle best.

Pet ownership comes at a price. Familiarize yourself with the expenses that a dog can bring into your household’s budget because your pet will need appropriate diet, regular visits to the veterinarian, pet treats, toys, maybe a dog walker for whenever you are busy and cannot find time for daily walks, and proper dog training lessons among other expenses.

Some breeds are cheaper than others because they have lower instances of health problems, they cost less to groom in professional studios or simply consume less pet food. While there’s some correlation between the most popular breeds and their general costs, a lot of America’s most adoptable canines are quite expensive.  Curious which ones those are? Check out this infographic from TopDogTips on this year’s “Most Popular Breed” rankings featuring 188 dogs and how their rankings changed compared to last year.


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