Keep Doggie Warm With These 4 DIY Wrap Ideas

Keep Doggie Warm With These 4 DIY Wrap Ideas

It’s that time of year again where the weather is starting to get colder. Early morning, evening, and night are the worst times of the day to feel the chill in the fall air. For those with pets, this time of year can be challenging for the furry friend. Although they have a natural coat, many still feel the cold of the autumn day when outside.

Go into almost any pet store, or shop online at Top Pet Gifts, and animal lovers will quickly find shelves full of different coats, sweaters, booties, or shirts to keep the canines cozy warm during the cooler temperatures. But for those who do not want the store-bought variety, they can quickly make their own personalized body warmer for their pooch using many popular products found in the home.

Old Clothing

Almost everyone has clothes in their closet or dresser that they do not wear anymore. Sweaters, long sleeve tops, t-shirts, sweatpants, or pyjama tops and bottoms are the perfect materials to use for homemade coverups.

For small to medium size dogs, cut a shape in the leg or sleeves of the outdated wearables. Each recyclable piece of attire can be used to make two coats. For larger dogs, cut the front of a t-shirt in half, trim the material to fit the animal’s body size and voila! A custom-designed body cover.

Knitting or Crochet

Thanks to the internet and popular do-it-yourself websites and videos, knitting and crochet hobbies have become popular once again. For the crafty pet owner who wants to add their own personal and loving touch to the canine’s clothing, there are many patterns and styles available to make a beautiful wool sweater for the precious pooch.

Old Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets that cannot be used to wrap in, can be cut and shaped into the perfect puppy poncho. The bigger sized fabric makes it convenient and easy to create a warming cloak for any type and size of breed.  Scissors, a homemade pattern and some thread are the only tools needed to create a customized coat.

Old Beach Towels

Like blankets, beach towels are big and fluffy enough to create a cover all for almost any mutt. Simply measure the beloved friend from nose to tail, cut the pattern to match their body size, and quickly design a perfect cover for outdoor wear.

Now that the colder weather is settling in, it’s time to think about clothing for the precious pooch. While some types of animals have big fur coats to keep them warm, not every doggie is as insulated.

For owners who like to upcycle and recycle, there are many products in the home that can be used to design a customized sweater wrap for the beloved furry family member.

At Top Pet Gifts, we have many stylish dog clothes to help keep the family’s dog friend cozy during their outdoor time.

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