Honor the Precious Pooches Legacy with a Touching Keepsake


Saying goodbye to the family pooch is never easy. While owners know that their canine will eventually pass before they do, when the time finally comes, it is very difficult to accept. Losing the furry family member is a very emotional experience. Dogs are, for most pet owners, an extended member of their clan, so their loss is felt deeply.

Knowing someone who has lost their friend can be just a painful for the extended family or friends. Watching someone grieve is never easy, and people are often not sure what to say or how to react during those be painful moments.

But that sense of loss can be made a little easier to get through. Giving a gift to the grieving pet owner will honor the animal’s legacy. At Top Pet Gifts, we have many small breed specific gifts to help the mourning loved one pay homage to their special bond with their cherished doggie.

We have a variety of home and personal items to choose from so the giver will have no problem finding the perfect commemorative treasure for the grieving recipient. For the friend or co-worker, an attractive decal is an excellent, simple tribute to the adorable canine. We have several designs and sizes to choose from. Some are breed specific and can also be personalized to create the best tribute to the beloved mutt. Our sticking pieces come in black or silver, and can be used on any interior or exterior surface so the beloved doggie’s memory will always be visible and close by.

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean all the decorations should be put away. Our seasonal ornamental products are beautiful pieces of artwork that can be displayed on a stand, wall hook or in a frame year long.  You can add your pet’s name and years alive on many of the decorative units as a genuine recognition of a life well lived.  At Top Pet Gifts, we even have ornamental hangers that pay tribute to the love and loss of the family pet.

For the coffee or tea drinker, why not offer a lovely commemorative cup with the pooch’s name and year written on the exterior surface. Add a little humor with one of our quote mugs to lighten their mood and put a smile on the sad owner’s face.

For the closer friend or family member, why not give them a lovely piece of jewelry to forever remember their four-legged family member. At Top Pet Gifts, we have a variety of necklace styles to suit everyone’s taste. From the simply elegant breed head silhouettes to the stylish pendants, our neck chains will always keep the cute canine close to the owner’s heart.

Charm bracelets are a fabulous touch for anyone who enjoys bejewelled accessories. They can be given to the grieving younger family members or the adults in your life. The charms come in different shapes including paw print, circular, heart shaped and dog tag style. Many can be engraved with the pup’s name, so the fur ball will always be close.

Losing the family pet is never easy. Dogs are warm, loving, and loyal family members that quickly melt our hearts of their owners.  Giving the sorrowful human a token to pay tribute to their relationship with their dog will help them during their time of grief. At Top Pet Gifts, we have several items that will help honor the fabulous four-legged family member.

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