Highly Effective Tips for Adopting an Adult Dog

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Adopting a new pet can be a big decision. For first time, and even seasoned pet owners, brining a new animal to their home brings lots of joy, but lots of work too. While people often look at puppies to take home, older dogs can bring lots of joy to the family too.

Adult dogs fall into two different categories. Mature adult dogs are between three to six years old. Like adult humans, mature poochies have a good sense of who they are, what they like, and can usually settle into a new home with minimal fuss.

Senior doggies are over seven years old. Mutts are considered “settled seniors” once they reach nine years of age. Senior pets are calmer, less active animals that are happy and eager to love.

Bringing a new hound into your home, regardless of age, is based on your family’s wants and needs. There are pro’s and cons for every age group, including young pups.

Pro’s of Adopting a Mature Dog

Dogs over three years are house trained. Some also have basic obedience training that is helpful for new families.  At this age, they are still active, energetic animals who enjoy walking, playing, and exploring their environment.

Adopting agencies have an easier time assessing the available mutts to see if they are friendly towards other animals, children, and adult humans. Personalities and potential concerns can be observed and documented so the right home can be found for the pet.

Cons of Adopting a Mature Pooch

Some breeds are loyal to only one owner. This can make it challenging to adopt them to a new family because bonding will be difficult and slow.  Adult canines can have unknown qualities that don’t show right away. Some turn into fear-biters, while others might suddenly demonstrate other unsavory behaviors.

If adult pooches have picked up bad habits during their adolescent years, it is more difficult to retrain or change the poor behavioral traits.

Pro’s for Adopting a Senior Mutt

Pup’s over seven years are calmer and have milder temperaments. They are wonderful, happy animals who just want to be loved. Their personalities, likes, dislikes, and compatibility with kids or other family fur friends are easier to assess before adoption.

Although senior poochies have less years, they still have lots of love to give to a good home.

Cons of Adopting an Older Canine

Older dogs only have a few years left. This can be hard for families who don’t want to lose their family member so soon.  As animals age, they develop health issues that can be costly and result in extra care.

If the senior pup has any bad habits, it is difficult to retrain them. While not impossible, training an old timer will take a lot more time and energy.

Adult dogs have their issues, but they are wonderful additions to any family who is looking for a pet to complete their home. People considering adoption can visit their local shelters to meet the older pups to find the right dog for their home. At Top Pet Gifts, we have many dog products to meet your new canine’s needs in your home.

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