Helpful Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe

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Millions of homeowners raise their precious kitty’s to be indoor pets. However, there are also millions who allow their cats to go outside. With the warm weather, outdoor loving felines are even more eager to spend their time out of the house where they can explore their neighborhood. But spending time away from the safety of a home can be very dangerous. Predators, vehicles, toxins, other pussycats, and disease can hurt a four-legged friend. For owners who want to keep their pets safe while allowing them the freedom to roam, here are helpful tips to keep kitty cats safe.

Get Vaccinated

Cats, especially those who spend time away from the house should always have their vaccines updated to help prevent disease. Keeping records and talking to the vet about special risks or considerations will help make sure that the tabby has all the required shots to prevent disease.

Chips and Collars

Microchips are used to track of a tom cat’s movement. A microchip and collar with an ID tag will help others relocate a tabby back to their home if they wander too far. Monitoring a purring friend’s whereabouts will help keep them safe.

 Assess the Hazards

Neighborhoods can have a variety of dangers that can be harmful to outdoor pets. Keeping up-to-date with community activities and assessing the local spots can help ensure that kitties are kept away from danger.

Use a Catio

Catios are custom made play stations that provide the best of both worlds. The furry feline can be let outside while in a controlled space. Specialized outdoor play areas allow the animal to enjoy their external environment safely.

Leash Walking

Just like dogs, cats can also be taken for community walks using a collar and leash. This is a great activity that not only allows the fur ball time to walk outside, it also provides excellent exercise for the owners.

Keep Food and Water Close

Tabby’s can get distracted when they are exploring new places. Keep food and water in the yard to make sure the animal is given adequate nutrition and hydration while they roam freely.

Spay and Neuter

Kitty cats should be spayed and neutered as soon as possible to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Rather than risk unplanned kittens, visit the vet as soon as the furry family member is old enough.

Provide a Safe Place

Create a safe place in the yard to help protect against bad weather, predators, or other dangers that your feline is exposed to. While outdoors, the tabby can go to their shelter if needed where they will be protected from harmful elements.

Furry friends are a wonderful asset to the family. While many people prefer to keep their pet indoors, other allow their cats to enjoy the fresh air. But the great outdoors has many risks and dangers that can harm a kitty. Keeping them safe while away from the home will help the lovable family fur member to live a longer, happy life.

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