Animal Shelter Puppy

Because we love our pets and they love us, we want to give back to help save as many of these precious animals as we can.

The work done by animal shelters is done quietly and with little or no fanfare. Their work is profound and critically important. These rescue shelters rely on private contributions to keep the doors open and to perform their lifesaving work. Many organizations have stepped up by creating fundraisers and donating the proceeds to the animal shelter of their choice.

Money isn’t the only way to help local shelters.  You can help a local shelter by donating your time to help with office work, organize donation campaigns, unload donations of pet food, take care of the animals by grooming, exercising, playing or clean cages.  You can also be a foster parent for a pet after an illness or surgery that needs a little extra TLC.  Time is just as important as money.

These helpless animals are in need of a second chance.  Many have been given up or abandoned.  You can give an animal a second chance by helping out in any way you can.  By donating money, time or even adopting a pet, you give them a second chance and make room at the shelter for another pet that needs a second chance.

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