What are you Feeding your Dog? Debunking Dog Food Myths

What are you Feeding your Dog? Debunking Dog Food Myths

A huge number of pet parents can be categorized as overprotective. Such pet parents would have their pet doctor on speed dial, know about various allergies that their dog has, spend a lot on grooming them, and the list goes on. They also check each ingredient of the dog food they buy! We must applaud these overprotective pet parents for being so caring but there are so many things that most pet-parents do not know about.

Did you know that prescription food, as suggested by the veterinarian is not the only option? Are you aware that dogs also like versatility in their food? Did you know that cooked bones are not good for your dog?

Besides things that most pet owners don’t know, there are so many “so-called” facts that you heard from someone but never verified them for authenticity. For instance, most people believe that dogs are allergic to grains and dairy and they are carnivorous animals is a myth. In contrast to popular belief, dogs are omnivorous and 92% of their DNA sequence is similar to that of bears. Also, all dogs are not allergic to grains and dairy just how all humans are not.

Checkout this infographic that debunk stop 32 dog food myths. Put together by TopDogTips this infographic can be an eye-opener to most dog owners.



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