Effective Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool on Hot Days

Keeping Dogs Cool on Hot Days

Now that the warm weather is here, dogs can overheat quickly if exposed to the hot temperatures for too long. To protect Fido from serious heat related conditions, it’s important to keep them cool. Keeping the body temperatures down does not mean that the pups must stay indoors. There are many ways to enjoy summer while keeping the canine happy.

Keep Out of Locked Cars

While this is stated every year, sadly, it’s still an all-to-common and tragic event that harms pooches every year. Run errands without the pet to avoid locking them in the vehicle unattended. Car interiors can become ovens very quickly, especially if parked under the sun. Without a running air conditioner or open windows, the four-legged friend can suffer from heatstroke very quickly. Doggies should never be left alone in a locked car, especially during extremely warm days.

Exercise Earlier or Later

Early morning and later evening are the cooler and better times to take your fur friend for their daily walk. Walking during the afternoon when the temperatures are at their peak is uncomfortable for everyone, especially Fido.

Sidewalks and other surfaces can also get too hot for the precious paws during the day. To avoid burns, exercise during the cooler times of the day and, if needed, use booties to protect the bottom the Fido’s feet.

Enjoy Watery Fun

Water inspired activities are a great way to stay cool, hydrated, and active. Kiddie pools, sprinkler systems, lakes and rivers offer refreshing fun on a hot day. Kids and canines can enjoy a day of play with wet backyard fun and games.

Cool the Interior

If dogs must stay indoors during the day, it’s more comfortable and safer to keep the house cool and comfortable for them. The inside of a home can become very hot and humid, creating a dangerous environment for dogs. Leave the air conditioner on while out. If air conditioning is not available, fans, open windows and cooling mats can help lower the room and body temperature.

Stay Hydrated

Puppy dogs pant more when they are hot, which causes them to be thirstier. Dehydration can occur quickly in the heat so it’s important to keep the water dish full all the time. For owners who will be away from the home for the day, placing several bowls of water down for their furry friend will provide plenty of water throughout the day.

Provide Plenty of Shade

When outdoors, it’s important to have shady areas that protect the household members from the direct sun and heat. Shade offers a cool break from the intense sun for hounds who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Know When to See the Vet

Keeping pups healthy is important for fighting heat related conditions. Regular visits to the vet will keep the vaccines up-to-date and any medical concerns treated. If the doggie shows signs of over heating, it’s important to get them to the animal doctor immediately. Look for signs like excessive panting and drooling, shortness or breath, lethargy, weakness, dizziness, agitation, and red gums and tongue. If these symptoms show, get Fido to the vet immediately.

Keeping puppy dogs cool during the warmer seasons is important for their health and wellbeing. At Top Pet Gifts, we have many products to help keep the favored family pet’s body temperature down when the outside temps rise.

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