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6 Steps to Help Surviving Pets Cope with Their Grief of Losing Their Companion

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Pets are wonderful, loving additions to the family. Whether it is a cat, dog, or other zoological species, having a nonhuman member in the house brings unconditional joy to their two-legged companions. Most owners tend to get more than one pet, so they can keep each other company. If there is more than one pooch […]

6 Important Ways Pets Help Improve Mental Health


Mental health is in the spotlight as professionals and individuals talk about the need to care for human’s emotional and mental wellbeing as much as they care for their physical wellbeing. Poor mental health can have serious and even life threatening effects on social, professional and physical part of a person’s life. There are many […]

Does Having Pets Help in a Household with Kids?

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Children by nature are curious. Although they do not say much, they observe and learn a lot of things. Sometimes they may not have enough vocabulary like us adults to express their feelings and emotions, so they either cry, laugh or sulk to show it, which adults can often misinterpret, but the one person who […]

9 Tips For Picking a New Pooch for the Home

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Families considering a new addition in the form of four legs will have options soon as litters of adorable puppies will soon be born. With their adorable furry faces and wagging tails, it can be difficult to choose that one pooch to add to the family. But picking the right pup involves a lot more […]

4 Very Distinct and Essential Differences Between Human and Dog Influenza Viruses

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News of the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza, or H3N8 virus, in certain regions has many dog owners worried about their beloved pet’s health. With the human flu outbreak being one of the worst seasons on record, it is natural to feel the same concern for the precious four-legged buddies. It’s even more concerning when […]

13 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Pets


Halloween is just around the corner, so it is time to think about dressing up for the big day. Many pet owners enjoy picking holiday wear for their furry friends just as much as they do for themselves or their own children. Costumes are as unique as the person choosing them. Some people opt to […]

8 Natural Remedies to Help Soothe the Canine’s Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

8 Natural Remedies to Help Soothe the Canine’s Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

It’s that time of year again! The changing of the season brings with it cooler temperatures, changing colors, and, for some, allergies. People and pets alike are suffering through the transition with runny noses, watery eyes, itchy discolored skin, ear discharge, and overall discomfort. Just like their human companions, dogs can also suffer from allergic […]