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6 Essential Tips for Finding the Right Kennel for the Family Doggie During Vacations

golden retriever

Now that summer is here, many families and individuals are going on much anticipated vacations. Whether travelling by car, train, or plane, sometimes, it’s just not possible to take the beloved family pooch on the trip. This is a challenge many homeowners face every year.  As much as they love their precious pup, they are […]

6 Highly Effective Tips for Helping the Family Dog Adjust to a New Home

new puppy

Summer is a popular season for people to move into a new home. The warm weather makes it easier for home buyers to find the perfect place and relocate their belongings to the next abode. It’s much easier to changes addresses when tenants do not have to manage during icy, cold, snow or rain filled […]

5 Effective Tips for Taking a Dog on the Family Road Trip

Now that summer vacation is officially here, many families are planning their summer travel plans. Road trips are a common and popular mode of transport for many people vacationing in different cities or states. Highway drives are a highly desirable method for going cross country because it has many benefits. Along with being more cost […]

Effective Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool on Hot Days

Keeping Dogs Cool on Hot Days

Now that the warm weather is here, dogs can overheat quickly if exposed to the hot temperatures for too long. To protect Fido from serious heat related conditions, it’s important to keep them cool. Keeping the body temperatures down does not mean that the pups must stay indoors. There are many ways to enjoy summer […]

5 Great Tips to Keep Dogs Healthy and Safe During the Warm Weather Season

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The sunshine and warm temperatures of spring are a welcome relief from the cold winter for people and their pets. Just as humans like to spend more time outside during the warmer seasons, so too, do their four-legged friends. Most dogs love to be outside running through grassy fields, playing, and exploring new areas. With […]

4 Mouth Watering Dog Cookie Recipes That Can be Made at Home


Today, people are becoming more conscious of the foods they are eating and feeding their families. As society gains more knowledge of the harmful chemicals and ingredients in many processed food products, they are starting to return to the basics in meal prep. This trend isn’t just occurring with human food; many pet owners are becoming more attentive and proactive when […]

Top 6 Tips for Successfully Adopting a Dog From the Pound

dog adoption

Now that spring is around the corner, many people are starting to think about adding to their family by adopting a dog from their local pound. Dogs are wonderful additions to families. However, the wrong dog can create a very stressful and unpleasant situation that does not benefit you or the dog. As beautiful as canines are, not […]

9 Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner in the Winter When You Have Dogs

tips to clean pet hair

Winter is a time of year that we tend to spend more time indoors. But sadly, when we spend more time spent inside, so does the dirt, especially if you have a dog. Extra clothing and blankets help spread the dog hair, making the home chores even more time consuming. There is a lot of […]

Dog Grooming Tips

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Whether you groom your dog at home or take your dog to a professional, keeping your dog well-groomed is an important factor for your dogs health. Grooming not only makes for a clean-smelling companion, it will help keep your dog more comfortable and allow you to detect health or skin problems before they become serious. Keeping […]