Best Valentine Gifts for Dog Lovers

With Valentine’s Day coming, it’s time to think about gift ideas for your loved one. Dog owners will no doubt love to receive a gift that includes their beloved pet. Dogs are incredible animals that hold a very special place in their owner’s heart. For most pet owners, their four-legged fur babies are more than just pets, they are family. It’s only natural to include their furry friend in the gift ideas this Valentine’s Day.

At Top Pet Gifts, we have a large selection of gift ideas to choose from. Because many people like a certain breed of dog, many of our gifts are created with individual breed designs. In fact, we have styles to commemorate 44 different breeds of pooches.


For example, our Boho,silver plated cut-out necklace is a beautiful gift to give on this special love celebration day. This charming piece of jewelry comes in 39 different dog breed options for the perfect gift choice. The intricate cut out patterns and breed design make this pendant a perfect piece of art.  The beautiful simplicity and silver plating make it easy to go with any outfit.

If you are considering giving your loved one jewelry this February 14th, we also have a superb variety of rings, bracelets, and bangles to choose from. Most of our sterling plated accessories are designed to replicate specific dog breeds. Your other half will love the personalized touch of receiving a gift that replicates and honors their precious pet.


While socks aren’t normally on the top of a Valentine’s Day gift ideas, our dog socks are the exception. Designed with different dog breeds, our socks are the exception to the rule.Your love will fall in love with the funny, adorable, and happy faces on pooch footwear. Our socks are both artistic and functional for a great February gift idea. Our dog designed foot covers are made with 100 percent polyester and come in one size fits all.


Dog owners are admittedly a proud breed of their own. They love their pets and want the whole world to know it. You can help your partner announce their special relationship with their canine fur friend to the world with our automotive decals. We have a variety of fun, inspiring and beautiful car art to choose from.  Whether you are looking for something silly like our tail wagging back window decal or a simple yet elegant infinity paw decal, we have a wide selection of car art stickers to choose from. Your partner will love the time and care you took into choosing the right piece of car sticker art.

For a superbly personalized Valentine’s Day gift, try one of our personalized car decals. Add the puppy’s name to your gift to show your mate just how much they mean to you. Personalized gifts are much more intimate than generic gifts which makes it the best token to give your love on the day of love.

But the decal art doesn’t have to been seen just on the car. Add a little fun and friendly, canine creativity to the home with our incredible puppy light stitch art. Whether you choose an adorable puppy or fun Snoopy, our light switch decals are a soft, flirty addition to your partner’s home decor.

Adding to the puppy dog style of the home, we have two different pillow covers to choose from. A pretty Yorkshire Terrier or adorable pug pillow picture will add a vibrant, fun ambiance to a living area.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon so now is the time to start planning what you will get your loved one to commemorate this special day. If you really want to let them know how much they mean to you, buy them a present that includes their furry family member. Your canine loving partner will cherish a beautiful dog themed Valentine’s gift to mark this wonderful day of love.


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