Best Valentine Gifts for Cat Lovers

Gifts for cat lovers

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to think about gift ideas for your loved one. If you or your other half are cat lovers, then we have the perfect present options for you. At Top Pet Gifts, we have a variety of stylish and fun items to give your true love this Valentine’s Day.

Pet owners love to share their holidays with their four-legged furry friends so it only makes sense to include their precious pet in the gift. With our variety of creative feline options, you will have no problem finding the right present for your partner.


Jewelry is a popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day and at Top Pet Gifts, we have a variety of purr-fectly beautiful necklaces to choose from. You can choose from several different stylish cats designed pendants and charms that are guaranteed to make your partner’s day. We have something with every personality and taste.

For those who enjoy the classic look, our cat pendant necklace is very popular with cat lovers and for good reason. This classic pendant comes in silver, bronze or black. A molded cat face is on one side while a cat image under a glass dome is on the other side. You can choose between five different cat images. The beautiful style and design options make this pendant very versatile because it can be worn with almost any outfit. By choosing the necklace color and cat face image, you can create a very personal present for this special day.

For the partner who likes something that emits simple, beautiful romance, then our sterling silver cat charm will make a spectacular gift. The sophisticated silhouette of a cat will add an attractive accessory to your outfit.

Who says black cats are bad luck? Our beautiful black cat dome necklace is breathtaking. With three different faces to choose from, this necklace makes a good luck love charm.

We have a variety of silver tone necklaces to choose from including a lovely heart pendant with paw print inside the heart. This elegant charm is a fitting gift for the day of love.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun, our “Great Catch Kitty” or hanging cat necklace will easily put a smile on your loved one’s face. These charming neck adornments are real eye catchers. The hanging cat charm comes in sterling silver, frosted silver, and polished gold.

Our cat’s eye necklace comes in 12 different eye colors fora vibrant, attractive neck piece.

If necklaces are not on your list, our cat rings and turquoise beaded bracelet are fabulous gifts to give someone for this special occasion.These lovely pieces are great finishing accessories for everyday wear.  We have several cats inspired ring designs to choose from.

Car Decals

Everyone loves to put decals on their car and at Top Pet Gifts, we have an excellent variety of car decals to paste on your vehicle so that your love can declare their love for their cat to the world. Whether looking for something simple like our cat back window paw print designs, or something a little more creative like our 3-D cat eye or our hanging cat decals, we have a variety of designs and images to suit your taste. Personalize your gift by adding the cat’s name to one of our personalized decal options.   At Top Pet Gifts, we have 20 different decals to choose from.


Sticker art isn’t just for cars. Our home designs add feline fun to your interior decor. From our light switch decals to our climbing stairs cat silhouettes, you can easily add a touch of creative cat art to your love’s home or work station.

At Top Pet Gifts, we have a variety of fun, attractive gift ideas for your feline loving partner. We know how important cats are to their owners. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love how much they – and their cats – mean to you with a cat designed gift from Top Pet Gifts.

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