9 Tips For Picking a New Pooch for the Home

beagle puppy

Families considering a new addition in the form of four legs will have options soon as litters of adorable puppies will soon be born. With their adorable furry faces and wagging tails, it can be difficult to choose that one pooch to add to the family.

But picking the right pup involves a lot more than just falling for a cute face. Each breed comes with its own personality, behaviors, and needs. To ensure the right fur friend is chosen for the household, these factors should be considered:


Dogs come in different sizes from teacup, small, medium, large, and very large. It is important to decide how big an animal to get before shopping around.

Activity Level

Some doggies are very active and require a lot of daily exercise and playtime while other pooches are much calmer and quite content to lie around. For the couch potato, a sedentary pet would be a better match while active humans will enjoy more energetic animals.


Not all mutts like being around children, especially young kids. Families looking to add to their brood should do their research first to find the canine best suited for their family.

Other Pets

Just like children, not all animals enjoy being around other pets. For households with more than one fur mate, it is important to find a pooch that gets along well with the other doggies and kitties in the residence.


While many individuals like getting young puppies, older tail waggers can be just as wonderful.  New born’s take a lot of time, training, and care while older animals are already trained and are more independent.


Some poochies need more room to move than others. Living in a home with a big yard is quite different than living in a small urban apartment. The space available within the household will play a factor in the type of mongrel to get.


Owning an animal can be costly. Food, toys, accessories, grooming, vaccinations, and other vet bills add up. Before choosing a pet, first decide if it is financially viable to care for an animal.


People with fur allergies need to get a breed that will not irritate their allergies. Some doggies have less dander than others, the common trigger for allergic reactions. Researching the different types and asking experts will help in the selection process.


Having a four-legged friend in the home is a wonderful experience. Not only are they great companions and protectors, but canine family members provide many emotional and physical benefits as well. But adding a poochie to the family is a life long commitment that can last several years. Before picking up a puppy, it is important to consider the time commitment involved. Families who are not prepared to offer a forever home to their animal, should consider all their options before getting a dog.

Picking a furry friend for the home is a wonderful way to add to the family. However, before falling for the adorable face of a young pup, it is important to first decide what type of pet to get. Choosing the right animal is a rewarding journey filled with love, companionship, and memories.

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