8 Special and Natural Ways to Pamper Your Cat


Cats love to be pampered just as much as their owners. But what most people feel is a great way to show their kitty some love is not always received with the same enthusiasm by their precious pet.  Rather than treat the furry family member to human treats, show them more feline focused pampering instead.  Cat owners can spoil their kitties in many ways including:

Schedule Daily Play Times

Kitty cats are active animals who enjoy regular playtime. Spending time with the four-legged resident engaging in physical play every day will show them how loved and appreciated they are. Buy a special toy as a treat and schedule quality time playing with the tabby everyday.

Brush Their Fur

Kitties love to have their fur brushed. It is also a great way to reduce the loose hair in the home and hairballs. Brushing their fur is a massage for the cat and a great way to show how much their owner cares.

Make Homemade Treats

Everyone enjoys treats and kitties are no exception. But rather than buy the chemical and filler loaded unhealthy store-bought bites, make healthy and delicious nibbles at home instead. The internet is filled with simple, inexpensive recipes for home edibles.

Catnip Treats

Felines love catnip. Giving the pet a nip filled toy or delicious snack is heavenly for the tabby.  The herb can be added to many cookie and food recipes to add a little extra flavor and fun to their food or toys.

Create a Safe Place

All pets need a place where they feel they can go to feel safe in their residence. Tabbies like knowing they have secure area that they can go to be left alone if they are stressed or fearful. Having a sacred space helps the animal feel a sense of control and belonging.

Feed Them Raw Meat Daily

While many adults dislike giving their felines raw meat, it’s very beneficial for the kitty and they love it. Uncooked pork, fish, chicken, or beef is good for their teeth and gums. The bonus is that the mousers enjoy the taste of raw, meaty treats.

Buy a Scratch Post

Garfield’s naturally need to scratch. It helps them take care of their claws but is also their way of marking their territory. Giving the fur friend a place where they can do their self care shows love and affection.  It also gives them a sense of belonging.

Show Affection

While some cats can be solitary, independent animals, they still enjoy being petted by their owners. Spending time cuddling the kitty gives them the physical love they crave. Kitty cats should be shown physical affection every day.

Felines like to be loved and pampered just like their owners. Showing the furry family member, the special affection they crave in their own language will let them know just how loved and wanted they are.

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