6 Highly Effective Tips to Help Relieve Canine Allergy Symptoms

6 Highly Effective Tips to Help Relieve Canine Allergy Symptoms

Like humans, animals can develop allergies too. Seasonal allergic reactions can have a serious impact on a pet’s health. Fall is a common time of year when people and pets suffer from the season’s changes.  

Typical autumn allergens include grass, leaves, dust, pollen, and other air borne or chemical substances common at this time of year. The adversities can be inhaled or come into contact with the skin.  

Signs and symptoms can include red skin or rashes, especially on the stomach and paws, excessive licking of the paws, chronic ear infections, itchy, red, watery eyes, nasal discharge, loss of fur or change in color, scratching, sneezing, and coughing. 

If pet owners suspect their family dog is suffering from seasonal allergies, they should make an appointment with their vet so allergy testing can be done and treatments prescribed.  

There are also many things homeowners can do to ease their beloved four-legged house member’s discomfort including: 

Use Special Shampoos 

Over-the-counter or prescription anti– allergy shampoos can help ease the skin discomfort that is caused by the fall irritations. Hounds should be bathed every seven to 30 days with the specialized soap, or as instructed by the veterinarian, to remove irritating dander and dirt 

Limit Exposure 

Once an owner knows what substances bother their pooch, they can minimize or eliminate exposure to those toxins.  Minimize the doggie’s time outdoors during peak day hours when the unhealthy conditions are high. Keep windows and doors closed to keep unsavory air pollutants out of the home.  

Clean the House 

Dust and pollen are common irritants found in the home. Maintaining a clean home will minimize the exposure to dusty mites and other substances that cause an adverse reaction.  

Carpets are big dirt trappers. Vacuuming the rug daily will eliminate the irritable dirt that catch in the fibers.  

Clean Dog’s Bedding and Blankets 

The poochie’s bedding, blankets, and other personal fabrics can trap dirt and other bothersome microbes that get trapped in the fibers. Washing these materials regularly will reduce the canine’s exposure to unhealthy mites.  

Prescription Creams or Medications 

If the vet has prescribed ointments or other drug products to combat the negative effects of the season, follow the administration’s instructions. Medications recommended by the animal doctor are designed to treat signs and symptoms directly caused by allergies.  

Change the Diet 

Many common store-bought food products have harmful chemicals and fillers that can also cause adverse reactions. Feeding the mutt wholesome, natural, organic meals will lower their exposure to irritating hazards 

Allergies are very common for dogs, especially during the fall time. The signs and symptoms can be very uncomfortable for the suffering canine if left untreated. Owners who think their pet might be suffering from allergic reactions should visit their vet and make changes to their home to manage the reactions and minimize the pooch’s suffering.  

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