6 Fabulous Ways to Entertain the Family Pet During the Coldest Winter Days

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When winter hits, the frigid temperatures and cold icy surfaces can quickly become unbearable, even for the family Fido. When it gets really cold, it is hard to spend more than a few minutes outside without risking frostbite and other cold related injuries.

Poochies have an especially difficult time because they still want to go for their daily walks despite the freezing weather. But you can help make those outdoor treks more comfortable and enjoyable for the family canine. These tips can help you entertain your dog during those bad climate days.

Shorter Walks

Instead of one long walk, take the four-legged friend for several shorter ones throughout the day. Even if you are only walking a couple of blocks around the neighbourhood, it is getting the pet out of the house. Quick tours around the neighbourhood will help them burn off their energy.

Use a Treadmill

Exercise machines are not only great for people, but animals can benefit from them too. Many doggie owners use treadmills to help their animal get the needed exercise when they cannot go outdoors.

Dress for the Weather

Like humans, many furry friends need extra outerwear to help keep them warm. At Top Pet Gifts, we have dog clothes to help keep the precious pooches’ body warm and protected from the windy climate. The colorful patterns and designs are attractive and functional.  They can be bought for the family pet, but also make great gifts for the special animal lover’s furry mate.

Booties also help keep the canine warm by protecting their precious paws from the icy surface. Purchase dog shoes to match the top cover so the doggie will look like a real trend setter while braving the elements.

Dog Day Cares

Many care facilities have opened so owners can take their pet somewhere during the day. Puppy play places allow the mutts a place to run that is safe from the harsh temperatures. Doggie care facilities have many benefits including socializing with other breeds, grooming services, hours of stimulating playtime, resting areas, and treats.

Car Rides

Most mutts enjoy riding in a car with their human companions. Going for a ride in the family auto will get them out of the house while offering a change of scenery.

Visit Friends and Family

Most canines are very social animals that enjoy giving and receiving attention from others. Visiting friends, family or larger facilities like schools or seniors’ homes will give the tail-wagger a chance to socialize with other humans and pets while enjoying the change in scenery.

Winter can be hard on people and pets. The cold weather can become very restrictive, especially for the outdoor loving canine. Reduce the four-legged friend’s feelings of cabin fever by finding other ways to stimulate and socialize the pooch.

When taking them outside, dress them warmly with doggie T-shirts and booties. At Top Pet Gifts, we have a wonderful collection of styling dog clothes to help dress your canine. Puppy clothing can be purchased for the family friend, but they also make great gift ideas for any celebration.

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