6 Essential Tips to Protect the Family Dog this Halloween


Halloween is a fun holiday for many families. Dressing up and running around neighborhoods and malls for candy and other treats is exciting for both kids and their parents. But for the family pooch, this October holiday can be a very stressful and dangerous time. These tips will help keep the precious puppy safe during the hallowed adventures:

Do Not Leave Dogs Outside

Canines enjoy being outdoors, but at the end of October, it can be very dangerous. While this is typically a very entertaining time, the sad truth is that there are some individuals who take advantage of this date and harm pets. Household animals are safer indoors where their owners can protect them. If the pup must go outside, watch them carefully while they are in the yard and bring them back into the home as soon as possible. Standing outside with the mutt will guard them from predatory people.

Keep them Away from the Candy

Some human foods are not meant to be consumed by animals. Halloween candy is one of them. Chocolate, chemicals, and other additives can make the doggie sick because they are poisonous to their bodies. In some cases, the consumed treats can be fatal. Curious Fido’s are tempted to bite through the packages to taste the delicious goods inside, so it is important to keep the yummy snacks out of reach to prevent the pooch from indulging in the holiday take-homes. Using a plastic bin with a lid and placing it our of the pet’s reach is the best way to prevent accidental snacking.

Block Their Access to the Open Doorway

When trick-or-treaters come knocking, it can be difficult to watch the furry friend while handing out the goodies. Poochies can quickly slip out of the house when the door is ajar. Once outside, it can be hard to locate them, and, with all the traffic and people, they run the risk of getting hit by a vehicle. Animals could also get lost quickly once they escape the safety of their home. Barricade the doorway, or put the four-legged friend in another part of the house so they cannot escape throughout the evening. If they do escape, an ID tag on their collar will help others reunite the pup with his family.

Create a Safe Place

For some mutts, the constant noise and movements of tricksters coming and going can be very stressful. Many dogs are fearful and anxious during these events. To help alleviate the puppy’s fear, create a safe area in another room where they can escape the hustle and bustle. Put their bed or blanket, food dish, water bowl, and special toys in the space so they feel more at ease and secure while the revellers are enjoying their night.

Prevent Pumpkin and Other Decorations Injuries

Pumpkins are a favored symbol of this exciting day, but they can also pose a danger to the family Fido. Burning candles inside the jack-o-lanterns are a safety risk because they can harm the pet. If the big orange vegetable has started to rot, moldy produce can make the pup sick if it’s consumed. Pumpkin patches are better kept away from the hungry canine.

Other decorations are also dangers because they have wires, batteries, and other materials that can be harmful to pooch’s if they get a hold of the color props. They should be placed where animals cannot reach them.

Protect Pets from Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are fascinating to the inquisitive animals. But if they get too close, the curious canine might think it’s a toy and start chewing on it. Fortunately, the light-up fluid inside the plastic wand is not toxic, but it might upset the poochies tummy. These useful accessories are better kept out of reach from the furry friend.

Halloween is an exciting time of year for children and adults. But to the furry family member, it can be a dangerous and stressful time. Taking precautions in and around the home during the festive night will help the beloved doggie stay safe.

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