6 Essential Tips for Finding the Right Kennel for the Family Doggie During Vacations

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Now that summer is here, many families and individuals are going on much anticipated vacations. Whether travelling by car, train, or plane, sometimes, it’s just not possible to take the beloved family pooch on the trip.

This is a challenge many homeowners face every year.  As much as they love their precious pup, they are just not able to bring the furry family member along for the holiday. While it would be more convenient and cheaper to have someone stay at the home where Fido is most familiar and comfortable, that is not always an option either.

Boarding kennels are a popular choice. These hotels for dogs provide food, shelter, activities, and attention in a safe place while the owners are out of town.  But just like sending a child to daycare or camp, the pet parents want only the best for their fur mates.

For those considering kenneling their mutt while away, it’s important to feel reassured that the precious pooch is in a safe place and is being well looked after during their stay. As pet owners, it’s essential to research any new boarding facility first to make sure the place is fit for the family’s furry member. Here are some important tips to finding the best doggie motel for the family bestie.

1. Recommendation/Rating

Vets, animal professionals and other animal loving owners are the best resource for recommending a good place. Ask around for names of decent hound hotels. Ask each person why they recommend that place and about the personal experiences they have had with the venue. Also check the businesses credentials through business and ranking websites to find out if there has been any issues or complaints.

2. Talk to the Owners/Staff

Owners and staff should be very caring, knowledgeable professionals who provide exceptional care of each doggie in their care. Spend time getting to know the staff, ask questions, and find out how long they have been in operation or working at the facility.

3. Visit the Kennel Beforehand

Well before the canine is to spend time at the kennel, visit the site first to see what it looks like. Check for cleanliness, spacious rooms, cots or blankets, outdoor runs or play areas, and enclosures to keep their guests protected from nature’s elements. Have a checklist of wants and expectations that canned be used as a reference when touring the place.

Inquire about feeding schedules and if they offer the option to provide the food or serve meals that the owner brings for their pet. Look for grooming areas, bathing facilities and medical examination areas.  Current licences and rates should be clearly posted at the entrance.

4. Security/Safety Features

Find out what safety protocols are in place to protect the puppies from harm? Shelters, fencing, cameras, and on duty staff should meet the satisfaction of the fur friend owners and government regulations.

Many places have cameras so owners can see their beloved furry family member any time throughout their stay. This is very reassuring for dog lovers who can easily check in on their beloved animal while they are away.

Some doggies are more aggressive than others. Keeping all animals safe and free of harm from other temporary residents and predators is also an essential part of safety. Ask about quiet areas and enclosed spaces.

5. Routines

Good kennels have feeding, water, exercise, cleaning, and grooming routines set daily to take care of their guests needs. Ask about the schedules set by the boarding business including when and how often their guests are fed, bathed exercised and socialized with other visiting canines.

6. Other Considerations

Other things to consider include access to vet care, vaccines required, bringing a doggie’s personal belonging such as a toy, blanket or bone, medication administration, specialized diet, and other care concerns. All the mutt’s needs should be met while at the hotel for hounds. Any questions or considerations should be discussed in advance.

Once everything is satisfactory, book the stay to ensure a spot will be held during the needed time frame.

Finding a canine kennel to keep the puppy safe while away on summer vacation can be stressful. Planning in advance will provide plenty of time to find the perfect place for the precious pet.

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