The 6 Biggest Dog Care Trends of 2018

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As a society, we have been moving more towards an alternative, healthier life style for the last few years. Emotional, mental, and physical self care are continuing to be an essential part of daily lifestyle habits.  Those same health and wellness needs that are essential for optimal health are also being transferred onto the precious family pet’s daily care routines. Owners are now implementing those same lifestyle choices into their animal’s day-to-day care plan.

Holistic canine rearing has created a whole new industry for pet care services. Animal owners are no longer satisfied with the run of the mill approach to meeting their dog’s needs. They now want the same high-quality treatment for their pooch that they are expecting for themselves. As a result, there are many services that are increasing in popularity this year for doggies. Some of the biggest trends in dog care for 2018 include:

Organic, Whole Foods

Many pet owners are tired of the chemically induced, filler food loaded edible products that have been monopolizing the pet food market for the past few decades. They want higher quality, organic whole foods for their pup. Whether it is in the form of a meal, a snack, or a treat, owners are opting for healthier dining alternatives for the furry family member.

What they cannot find in a store, animal owners are turning to the internet for easy-to-make recipes or services that specialize in making natural, health dog food products to feed their canine.

Upscale Animal Spa’s

If the owner does not want their hair chopped by just anybody, it’s safe to say that they would not want that type of treatment on their mutt’s fur either. Upscale, holistic pet spas are becoming very popular places to take the family friend for a day of pampered grooming and relaxation treatments.

Mobile Grooming Salons

People are busier than ever this year. Finding time to take their pup to get their regular grooming treatments is challenging. Mobile grooming salons have become a highly popular alternative. Owners also prefer the comfort of at-home care or their poochies. Rather than take the doggie to a foreign place, individuals prefer to bring the professional to their home where the animal is more comfortable and relaxed.

Doggie Day Cares and Gym Dates

Busy schedules provide many challenges for many owners who try to fit daily exercise into their pooch’s day. Smaller yards create other challenges because they provide very little room for the mutts to run freely. Doggie day cares have been in high demand for a few years. However, this year, owners are expecting the services to offer supreme pet watching. They want the best for their fur child and look for services that treat their mutt’s like royalty.

Behavioural Therapy

Doggies can be just as troubled or traumatized by events as humans. When a family pet acts up, the concerned parents want to know why so they are turning to professional therapists to find out what is wrong with their beloved family member. Individuals want to treat the behaviour using more therapeutic and holistic treatment sessions.

Cannabis Oil

As more states are moving towards legalizing marijuana, it is not being promoted just for human consumption. Many health professionals are now encouraging cannabis inspired products for the pooch’s as well.

Holistic, high quality, personalized services are becoming increasingly sought after for pet owners who want the same top services for their fur-child.

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