5 Great Tips to Keep Dogs Healthy and Safe During the Warm Weather Season

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The sunshine and warm temperatures of spring are a welcome relief from the cold winter for people and their pets. Just as humans like to spend more time outside during the warmer seasons, so too, do their four-legged friends. Most dogs love to be outside running through grassy fields, playing, and exploring new areas.

With the added energy, pet owners face fresh concerns for their canine’s health and wellbeing. Listed below are some of the most common concerns dog owners face and tips to keep their forever friend safe.

1. Catch a Loose Dog

Doggies love to get outside and, if they have been cooped up inside for too long, an open door can be a temptation they just can’t resist. If a poochie escapes to go on their own adventure, chasing them will encourage them to run more; making it more difficult to catch them. Rather than run after a dog, lay down.  If pups believe their master is injured, they will come running back to see what’s wrong.

2. Bathe Canine Companions

Running around grassy fields and parks to explore all the new scents is naturally thrilling for mutts. While investigating the area, pooches also love to mark their territory and roll in the grass. Chances are, it’s not just grass they are rolling in; when the best friend returns, they might need a bath.

Pet shampoos can be pricey, and generic store bought soaps can irritate sensitive skin.  A safer shampoo can be made at home using simple ingredients that will not only clean their furry skin but get rid of any unwanted odors as well. To make the shampoo mix:

1-quart water
1 cup baby shampoo
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup glycerine
2 tablespoons Aloe Vera gel

Fido will be clean and smell fresh in no time.

3. Safe Tick Removal

Ticks are out in full force in some areas. These blood sucking insects carry disease that can be harmful to both people and their pups. Rather than smearing Fido’s fur with petroleum jelly or peanut butter, it’s safer to use tweezers or other pinching devices to grab the tick’s body and gently pull them out. At Top Pet Gifts, Tick Removers are available to safely extract the unwanted pest. The tick remover comes in two different sizes and is easy to use on all pets.

4. Treat Stings

Wasp, hornet, and bee stings can be very painful. If a doggie has the bee’s stinger still lodged in its skin, use a credit or debit card to gently scrape it out. Squeezing the stinger during removal will squeeze more venom into the pup.

To soothe the area, apply a poultice of baking soda and water to the area. It’s important to watch for signs of infection or allergic reaction which may include swelling, redness, and distress; see a vet immediately if poochie has an adverse reaction.

5. Prevent Burns on Feet

As the temperatures rise, pavement and other hard surfaces will start to heat up. This can be dangerous to pups; their foot pads can burn if standing on the surface too long. Use the back of a hand to test the surface. If it’s too hot for human hands and feet, the ground is too hot for the dog as well. To prevent injury to their paws, stay off scorching surfaces.

Spring is the start of a wonderful season to enjoy spending time outside. Keep canine companions safe and healthy this season with simple life hacks so they can enjoy their time outdoors.

Top Pet Gifts has many items to help keep pooches comfortable and happy all year long.

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