5 Effective Tips for Taking a Dog on the Family Road Trip

Now that summer vacation is officially here, many families are planning their summer travel plans. Road trips are a common and popular mode of transport for many people vacationing in different cities or states.

Highway drives are a highly desirable method for going cross country because it has many benefits. Along with being more cost effective, it is also a great opportunity to take the family pet on the trip. Many people consider their pooches to be part of the family and dislike leaving them in a shelter or with a pet sitter.

But while taking a dog on a road trip is preferable, it can be very stressful on the animal. With care, planning, and proper measures, a family trip can be just as enjoyable for the four-legged family member as it is for the two-legged kin.

When traveling with an animal, these steps will help keep them safe, happy, and stress free.

1.  Get a Vet Check

Before going on the trip, it’s important to take the pup to the vet first for a thorough checkup. Checking the doggie’s health will ensure they are healthy and able to withstand the long ride. The vet can also update Fido’s vaccines, protecting him from disease, viruses, or infections.

2.  Check and Secure the Crate

Some pooches travel in a crate. Crates are a secure and safe place for dogs, but before the road trip begins, check the holder for any breaks, cracks, or faulty areas. The box should be clean, damage free and well ventilated. The latches should be in good working condition, and there should not be any sharp areas that can hurt the pup. When putting the crate into the vehicle, it should be secured so that it doesn’t move around or topple.

3.  Ease Car Sickness

Some dogs can become very nauseous when travelling. The motion of the vehicle, as well as their emotional stress of being in a car can quickly turn into car sickness for the poor pet. To help the dog relax and feel comfortable being in a car, let it sit in the car several times before going on the trip. The vehicle will look much less scary if the pup has had opportunity to get used to the vehicle first.

Other helpful tips include travelling not feeding the dog before leaving so they have an empty stomach. Some vets also recommend giving the furry friend an anti-nauseate pill at least thirty minutes before going in the car. When travelling, keep the windows partially open to keep fresh air flowing.

4.  Bust the Boredom

While there are many new sites and sounds to attract the doggie, they will, if sitting in the automobile too long, get very bored and restless. Alleviate the restlessness with rest stops to walk the canine and allow him to finish his business.

5.  Ease their Fears

If the pup is fearful of travelling, help ease their anxiety by bringing one of their personal items on the trip. A ball, bone, toy, blanket, or other personalized item will help reassure the stress. Food, treats and food dishes are also personal, comforting items to pack on the trip.

Taking the family pet on a trip is a great way to keep the whole family together. Before heading out on a vacation, prepare for all situations so that the travel plans can be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone – including the family dog.

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