5 Clear Ways Cats Use Meowing Sounds to Communicate Their Needs


Cats are beautiful, mysterious, and independent animals that often have their owners continually guessing what they are trying to say. Communication with a feline is not always clearly obvious or straight forward as it is with other domestic pets. Kitties use a variety of different sounds and movements to express their wants or needs.

Tabbies commonly vocalize by purring, meowing, yowling, howling, snarling, hissing, chirping, or teeth chattering.

Meowing is a familiar sound cats use to express positive or negative emotions. The symbolic noise is a feline’s way of talking to their human partners. The only time kitties make this sound to other cats is when mommas are talking to their kittens.

The kitty-kats use different tones, length, and volume of the meow-meow sound to let their people know what they want or how they feel.  They can include:

Short Meows

When the kitty makes a short meow sound, they are greeting someone. Cats who like the people will use this vocalization to say “hello” or “I’m happy to see you”.

Multiple Meowing 

When feline make a meowing sound repeatedly, it means they are very excited to see their human. It is an excited greeting reserved for individuals they really enjoy being around.

Mid-Pitch Vocals

When mouse catchers make mid-pitch meow-meow’s, they are telling their owners that they want something. This type of noise is commonly used when the family pet is asking for water, food, toys, and cuddles.

A Long, Drawn Out Meowing Noise

When owners hear their fur balls make a long, drawn out meowing noise, it means their pet want something now. Kitties use this demanding something when they want food, water, or cuddle time, or play time.

High Pitched Meow 

Expressing anger or pain is commonly achieved with high pitched meows. Kitties use this forceful, short auxiliary they have been hurt or angered by the individual’s actions.

Mousers use their natural vocalizations to express themselves with their human inhabitants. This specific form of chatting has evolved as a way for tabbies to talk to people.

Kitty cats are highly intelligent animals that use their voice and body language to express themselves. Tabby owners can learn to understand their pet’s dialect by listening to the type of meow their furry friend is using.

Once pet owners have a clear understanding of their animal’s wishes, they can talk to their kitty’s regularly.

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