4 Useful Tips to Help Cats Overcome their Fear of Loud Noises


Summer is here, which means cutting grass, fireworks, thunderstorms, and countless loud and strange noises are filling the air in and out of the house. Cats are naturally skittish and fearful around certain sounds, but for some cats, the tones can be very scary.

There are different reasons why some kitties are overly afraid of certain bangs. Some have had bad experiences while others are distrustful of humans. Helpful steps can help scaredy work through their anxiety. These tips will help kitty owners ease their furry family member’s fears.

Create a Safe Place

Some noises are beyond our control. If the loud booms are creating stress, allow the pussy cat to seek shelter in an area that gives them feelings of comfort and security.  Create a safe place within the home to give the tabby a place to go when they are frightened. The haven should offer the four-legged friend the space they need. Add to the personal sanctuary by keeping toys, water, food, and a litter box in the area so the little one has everything they need to feel more comfortable. Once the feline feels safe, they will come out of their comfort area on their own.

Behavior Modification Exercises

Pussy cats can get used to noises over time with behavior modification exercises. If a certain ruckus bothers the furry friend, start by introducing them to quieter tones and gradually increase the level of noise so the tabby can gradually get used to the sound.

This therapy takes time so pet owners should not expect immediate results. If setbacks occur, reassure the kittycat and continue with the program where the pet last felt comfortable.

Develop a Healthy, Trusting Relationship

New homes, past experiences, and other issues can create a level of distrust between animals and humans. Tabbies that feel a sense of unease around people need to develop positive, healthy, and loving relationships with their owners. This takes time and persistence. Show the kitty love, and gentleness while allowing them time to get comfortable in their surroundings. Use soft, soothing voices to talk and let the feline approach family members when they are ready.  Forcing time together or cuddles will have the opposite effect.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes the anxious feelings that felines experience are so severe, they need professional help to overcome their emotions. If all other options have failed, make an appointment with a veterinarian. They can examine the kitty and offer treatment plans to help ease the precious pet’s stresses.

Summer is a great season that is filled with an abundance of activities and new experiences. Some of those movements include loud, strange noises that can scare the skittish family pussycat. Time and consistency can help the tabby overcome their fears to enjoy the seasonal experiences.

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